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Don't get me wrong, the Xperia TL is certainly a great phone for the price. Unfortunately it just isn't an absolutely delectable and delicious piece of mobile hardware the way, say, the iPhone 5 or even Samsung's Galaxy S3 are. The HTC One X comes close, but you don't see multiple versions of it sold on a bunch of major U.S. carriers. The same goes for Motorola's Droid Razr Maxx HD, though Verizon would put the kibosh on it even if Motorola and all four mega carriers clamored for the product. That's a shame, too, since the Maxx HD is the biggest threat I see to the iPhone and Galaxy S3 hegemony so far.

Sony hasn't yet created a U.S, smartphone hit, but the Xperia TL could break the ice, When Americans think of mobile phone brands, two maybe three names spring immediately to mind: Apple, Samsung, and perhaps Motorola or even HTC, I bet Sony isn't on the tip of your tongue, despite the company's marketing efforts, Early this year when Sony partnered with AT&T to sell the Xperia Ion, I was very excited, That's because the Ion was the first v phone case official U.S, handset the company created since its messy split with partner Ericsson, I thought perhaps with the unfortunate joint venture behind it, Sony would be able to focus and deliver a phone worthy of its legendary electronics brand..

"It creates an impression Acer can't compete," said Rob Enderle of tech research firm Enderle Group. "And it pisses off Microsoft."Acer has been posting steep shipment declines in recent quarters, hurt in part by its exposure to the weak consumer market. Many people Netbooks, but that sector was killed by the iPad and other tablets, not to mention the recent thin-and-light PC push. The company has said it's unsure if Windows will help revitalize the PC market, and it delayed its plans to build a Windows RT device. Acer, meanwhile, continues to post financial results that are weaker than expected.

While Acer already has been struggling, publicly criticizing Microsoft isn't likely to help things, Doing so could anger the software company at a time it needs all the support it can get, For one, Microsoft could choose to highlight Acer products less at events and provide less marketing support, It also could give Acer limited access to early v phone case software or find other ways to make things uncomfortable for the company, "To Microsoft, Acer must look like a difficult company to work with," Pat Moorhead, Moor Insights & Strategy principal analyst said, "If choosing partners to do innovative things with, probably at the bottom of your list is Acer."Then there are consumers, If Acer consistently says its products can't compete with Surface, people will believe it..

However, some analysts say the commentary is "just noise" and won't really impact Acer, Microsoft, or the broader market. Roger Kay, Endpoint Technologies principal analyst, noted that Acer has long been more rebellious than other PC makers, and it likely won't face many -- if any -- repercussions from its comments. "In the old days, it would have," Kay said. "But it's not going to hurt them or help them.. They're just grousing. At the end of the day, they will license from Microsoft just like they always have."For some, it's refreshing to see a company so upfront about its frustrations. But it's probably not helping strengthen Acer's relationship with Microsoft. For now, at least, it still needs Microsoft, and that's not likely to change anytime soon.