Seaweed Iphone Case

seaweed iphone case

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seaweed iphone case

seaweed iphone case

Google's new Nexus devices will come loaded with Android 4.2, a new flavor of Jelly Bean. Here's a rundown of the new features you can expect with the updated OS. While Google's big press event scheduled for today in New York may have been canceled, the company still decided to move forward with a slew of announcements via blog post. Among them was the release of Android 4.2, an updated version of Jelly Bean to come preinstalled on the new line of Nexus devices. Swype fans will be pleased to hear that Android 4.2 includes a keyboard that lets users input text via gliding gestures. Not only that, it offers predictions based on common strings of word combinations for "smarter" typing. While the news is certainly good for users who get a significantly improved input interface, it could be harmful to a company like SwiftKey, which just announced its own glide-supporting, predictive keyboard for Android.

At stake for Microsoft is its future in the world of technology and consumer electronics, While the traditional Windows software remains the company's breadwinner, everything is going mobile, and Microsoft could slip into irrelevancy if it doesn't catch up to the seaweed iphone case giants in the industry, Apple and Google, Microsoft will spare no expense promoting Windows Phone 8, tying the platform into the same family as Windows 8 and Windows RT in a massive campaign that the company hopes will drum up attention for all of its products..

Still, Microsoft could barely do worse when it comes to the mobile end. Despite critical praise and several partners willing to build and sell smartphones running on Windows Phone, the platform hasn't had much success over the past two years. Instead, it continues to be battered by the dominance of Apple's iPhone and Google's Android operating system and the myriad of high-profile smartphones that use it. "While there is very little wrong with the software, its design is significantly different from the current status quo of the 'grid of apps' user interface, and this change represents a perceived risk to potential customers," said Ovum analyst Nick Dillon.

Nokia was supposed to spark the Windows Phone world, tapping into its cell phone know-how to build the Lumia line of smartphones; it even managed to get the backing of AT&T for its Lumia 900 this year, Unfortunately, seaweed iphone case the phone was only a moderate success, Shoring up some weaknessesBeyond the different user interface, Windows Phone has been hamstrung by the lack of quality apps even as iOS and Android boast hundreds of thousands of apps, Microsoft directly addressed that issue during the event, Belfiore boasted that its app store now has 120,000 apps, having grown remarkably fast in the last two years..

More importantly, 46 out of the top 50 apps will be on Windows Phone, including a new version of Twitter, UrbanSpoon, and games such as Temple Run. Next year, Windows Phone users will get Pandora with a complimentary year's worth of ad-free service. "With Nokia trying to break in with the Lumia series, and other major handset vendors looking to Windows Phone 8 to provide an alternative to Android, Windows Phone 8 should come into its own in 2013," said Soumen Ganguly, a consultant for Altman Vilandrie.