Pixelskin Case For Apple Iphone Se, 5s And 5 - Blue

pixelskin case for apple iphone se, 5s and 5 - blue

SKU: EN-G10465

pixelskin case for apple iphone se, 5s and 5 - blue

pixelskin case for apple iphone se, 5s and 5 - blue

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Consumers typically spend more time using tablets for media and entertainment, Games, entertainment, and pixelskin case for apple iphone se, 5s and 5 - blue news apps are among the most popular for tablet users, Smartphones account for a greater number of apps devoted to communication and other tasks, Social networking, utility, health & fitness, and lifestyle apps grab about half the usage on smartphones, Games are the most popular type of app on both devices, capturing 67 percent of time spent on tablets and 39 percent on smartphones, And not surprisingly, people on average use apps on smartphones more often during the day but for shorter bursts of time, Checking into social networks is a perfect example, Flurry noted..

Flurry aims to help developers determine the use and popularity of their mobile apps. To compile these latest stats, the research firm analyzed more than 6 billion app sessions across 500 million smartphones and tablets. To determine factors like age and gender, Flurry used opt-in data from more than 30 million consumers. As more of today's consumers own both a smartphone and a tablet, how do they choose which device to use?. How, when, and why do people use their smartphones versus their tablets? A new study from Flurry Analytics aims to answer that question.

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Finally, check out my roundup of iPhone apps that can help in an emergency. It has tools for finding the nearest hospitals, administering first aid, and even helping sick or hurt kids. If you've found apps you think would be useful before, during, or after Sandy, tell me about them in the comments. Here's hoping you won't actually need any of them. Turn your iPhone into a flashlight, an emergency radio, a hurricane tracker, and more. As Hurricane Sandy bears down on the East Coast, it's time to start thinking about your safety -- and that means stocking up on helpful apps.