Pink Flamingo Watercolor Iphone Case

pink flamingo watercolor iphone case

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pink flamingo watercolor iphone case

pink flamingo watercolor iphone case

Now comes word that some BlackBerry owners avoid using their RIM devices in public for fear of humiliation (see CNET's Friday poll on the subject). CBS' Bob Schieffer said he learned of the affliction from The New York Times while studying up on foreign policy to moderate the upcoming presidential debate. "She is so ashamed, she told The New York Times, she no longer takes her BlackBerry phone out at cocktail parties," he said in a video commentary this morning (see video below). "She says she hides her BlackBerry behind her iPad at business conferences for fear her clients will see it and judge her."Admitting that he himself is a BlackBerry owner, Schieffer suggests that BlackBerry owners suffering this status shame take a few deep breaths.

This week's collection of apps is all about adding drastic effects to your photos, The first uses several types of bright overlays to add strange effects to your photos in a couple easy steps, The second adds more features letting you add multiple effects on the same image, The third lets you add multiple overlays as well, but you can also adjust opacity and use masking tools and filters to really trick out your photos, Lumie ($1.99; pink flamingo watercolor iphone case iOS | Android) is a photo effects app that uses brightly colored overlays and simple effects to give your images an otherworldly feel, You start by taking a picture using your smartphone camera or picking an image from the photo library..

With Lumie the process for adding overlay effects is simple. With your image on screen as a starting point, the app has several categories of overlays you can swipe to browse, then touch to add to your image. Once you've selected an overlay style, you can move it around the image for the best look or touch buttons at the bottom to adjust the intensity of the effect. If you don't like the overlay for the selected image, you can touch the screen to pick a new one that's more suitable for the look you want. When you're finished, touch OK in the lower-right corner to see the result.

Lumie has a check box that lets you export with a frame, but there's only one style that gives your enhanced photo borders like a Polaroid picture, The sharing options, on the other pink flamingo watercolor iphone case hand, are probably the best in this collection, letting you export to your photo album, send via e-mail, send to Instagram, or post to Facebook, Twitter, and popular photo-sharing sites, but it won't let you open the photo in other effects apps, Lumie is the least complicated of the bunch and produces some cool effects, but it doesn't offer much beyond adding an interesting overlay..

SpacePaint (99 cents) adds a few more features than Lumie, letting you add multiple overlays and also offers an additional effects pack you can download for free. Like most photo apps, you can take a new picture or select one from your library to get started. Once you've chosen a picture, you can touch the lightning bolt icon in the lower left to start adding effects. SpacePaint has a huge number of overlays to add that resemble things such as fire, sparks, paint splotches, clouds, and several others, along with rainbow filters, laser-like designs, and other neon looks. You also have the option to download a set of smoke effects for free, implying that the app will probably receive more effects packs in later updates. When you touch an effect, it immediately shows up on your image and you have the option to add another effect, change the effect's intensity, or use a paintbrush to mask specific parts of your image for the best look.