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iphone screen protector spigen

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iphone screen protector spigen

Other details found in the change log include GPS lock settings for administrators, an e-mail default for when in no coverage/Airplane mode, and an audible text notification while in calls. The update, which begins today, should be wrapped in the next few days. If you're a Sprint subscriber with a brand-new Galaxy Note 2, you're advised to keep an eye on your notification bar over the coming week. Starting today, the carrier will begin issuing a software update to Samsung's Android smartphone that brings a number of new features.

Just two weeks after it introduced the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Sprint has iphone screen protector spigen begun issuing a software update for the king-size smartphone, A posting on the carrier's forum indicates that the update features a number of minor changes affecting various aspects of the user experience, Most notable among the changes is Multi Window View, a feature that lets the user run and view two applications at the same time, Considering how much real estate the Galaxy Note II provides, this will likely be an oft-used and welcome addition for many..

One interesting element of the LG UI is the ability to customise any icon. Here, the internet icon is replaced by a photo of the Sydney Harbour Bridge that we shot using the phone's camera. For a phone as powerful as the Optimus G is, it should get in good shape, with a depth of 8.5mm. It also has a sleek-looking stainless steel trim that runs all the way around the outside. LG encased the whole handset in glass, but, unlike the iPhone 4 and 4S, it has Corning Gorilla Glass on both the front and back. We look forward to the numerous drop-test videos that are likely to appear shortly on YouTube.

As you may have read in our earlier news coverage, this is not the camera that LG will ship to Australia, This is an 8-megapixel module, while the final sales unit will have a whopping 13-megapixel shooter, OK, so it's a tiny element, but we love how the phone unlocks, As you swipe across the screen, it "opens" to reveal the last-viewed app below, This way, you can peek under without actually unlocking the phone, Similar to the quick settings bar in Samsung's TouchWiz UI, LG includes iphone screen protector spigen a scrollable row of quick settings, Unlike Samsung's UI, though, this bar is fully customisable and can include a lot more switches than any other phone we've ever used..

This is one of several unique features of the Optimus G, but it's one that you will need to see for yourself before you can see how it might be useful. QSlide lets you play video over the top of any other app, with a slider to set the opacity of either app so that you can easily do two things at once. Our LG hosts explained that this is a big feature in South Korea, where broadcast TV on mobiles is widely used, and where those using QSlide can keep up with messaging and social media without missing a moment of their shows.