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iphone screen protector otterbox

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iphone screen protector otterbox

Watch Miracast explained by mute cheese sticks in this video from the Wi-Fi Alliance. You will, of course, need Miracast-compatible devices, and these are pretty rare at this time. But, like we said at the beginning of this article, you will be reading a lot more about Miracast over the next few months. We recently saw a demo of Miracast using the upcoming LG Optimus G, connecting to a Miracast dongle that plugged in to the HDMI port of a flat-panel TV. The Google Nexus 4 will also be Miracast ready when it launches soon, and the LG reps we spoke with said that Miracast tech will be built in to TVs from next year, removing the need for a dongle. This isn't just for LG devices, though; Miracast is a new industry standard certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, so all companies will be able to build it into new devices.

The connection we saw demoed took a matter of seconds to iphone screen protector otterbox establish, and was impressively responsive, There was a tiny bit of latency of maybe half a second between input on the phone's screen and the same response showing on the TV, which could affect the streaming of fast-paced games, but for everything else it is a perfect solution, The icing on the cake was when the LG team started playing a 1080p resolution video stored on the phone's memory, then returned to the home screen and started browsing the web on the phone's display while the movie continued to stream to the TV..

The dongle we saw connected to the TV in our demo was LG branded, and although no final pricing has been confirmed, the LG reps were estimating about AU$70 for the unit. For a device that could replace the need for other smart TV devices, this is an attractive price tag. Streaming content from your mobile device to a TV has been a pretty painful affair to date, but the new Miracast protocol is set to straighten out sharing, making wireless connections simple. If you enjoy following the fast-moving world of smartphones and tablets, then you are going to start reading a lot more about Miracast over the next few months. But what is Miracast, and why do you want it?.

Samsung's Rugby Pro is a buddy story between AT&T and a durable iphone screen protector otterbox Samsung-made Android 4.0 phone, It may look tough on the outside, but there's heart and brainpower within, The Pro joins the "Rugby" team -- which also includes the Samsung Rugby Smart, the Rugby II, and 2008's original Rugby -- with specs to keep out heat, dust, and the rest, Proving that it's with the times, the Rugby Pro adds Android Ice Cream Sandwich, zippy 4G LTE speeds, and an especially speedy dual-core processor to a push-to-talk device with physical buttons and a screw-on back, The $100 price tag is certainly appealing for all you get, but watch out -- the Rugby Pro wasn't always ready to tussle..

Rugged as advertised?Anytime a durable product comes in, we're honor bound to smack it around. An appropriately hearty phone, the Rugby Pro stands 5 inches tall by 2.7 inches wide and measures 0.5 inch thick. It feels hefty at 4.6 ounces. It meets U.S. Mil-STD 810F specifications for dust, humidity, rain, and shock. Beyond that, it's waterproof up to a depth of a meter for up to 30 minutes, when all ports are tightly closed. However, don't make a habit of bringing it swimming with you; it isn't intended for extended water use.