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Those buying a 64GB Surface might not feel so hard done by, given that the same Windows install leaves 45GB (46GB decimal), according to Microsoft's maths. This is, of course, what you would expect if you bought a new laptop, where Windows requires about 20GB of hard-drive space and this is deducted from the 500GB-plus sized hard drive that you have purchased. It's just harder to swallow when you start with so much less. The Surface does support storage expansion via microSD cards. Just be sure you factor the cost of one into the final price before taking the plunge with a Surface.

Apple made the argument to U.S, Magistrate Judge Paul S, Grewal today in San Jose, Calif., Bloomberg reported, The move followed Samsung's own action to add the iPhone 5 to its own counter-claim that Apple infringed on its patents, The ongoing complaints show that the massively complex legal battle between Apple and Samsung is nowhere near over, despite a seemingly crippling defeat in the form of a $1.05 billion jury verdict handed to Samsung in August, That case, iphone case art which dealt more with design patents, is separate from the current software-centric case involving the Galaxy Note 10.1 and Jelly Bean..

Apple had won the initial judgement, but Samsung appealed the decision and the case doesn't go on trial until 2014. While Apple initially listed a few features of Android, the company has opted to get more aggressive and call out the Android operating system specifically. A Google representative declined to comment. CNET contacted Apple and Samsung for comment, and we'll update the story when they respond. Because the complaint dealt with software and user interface patents, Google was already expected to play a bigger role in the proceedings than in previous trials. But by naming the operating system, Apple may have triggered a much larger presence from Google, even if the company isn't actually named in the lawsuit.

It's an indication that Apple may be directly taking on Google, which created the Android operating system, Apple appears ready to fire its legal salvo directly at Google, In a move that could draw Google into the fray, Apple attempted to add Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Note 10.1 and Google's Android 4.1, also known as Jelly iphone case art Bean, to an existing complaint against Samsung in California, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

The new Home screen, for example, resembles the top edge of a file drawer, with stacked tabs for things like places, tags, notes, and notebooks. One tap takes you directly to the corresponding screen. It's also easier to create something new by tapping the Text Note, Photo, or Page Camera icon, this last used to "scan" existing documents. It's seen some improvements as well, now able to detect and crop page edges better than before. If you're an iPad user, you'll see a swipeable list of recent notes -- a great feature I'd love to see added to the iPhone version.