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iphone case and screen protector

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iphone case and screen protector

The event was apparently held to tout bank alternative Lending Club's announcement that it has exceeded $1 billion in personal loans. Meeker is on the Lending Club's board of directors. The Kleiner Perkins VC, known for her legendary presentations each year about the state of the tech biz, gives a surprise midyear report on mobile. Kleiner Perkins venture capitalist Mary Meeker, once known by many as the "Queen of the Net," gave a surprise midyear Internet Trends report update to a small crowd in San Francisco tonight, according to TechCrunch.

The phone cover has a 1200mAh battery pack built in, which gives you a little more than 50 per cent extra battery for the phone, The trade off is its size and weight; the cover very iphone case and screen protector nearly doubles the thickness of the phone — up to 14.9mm — and adds 80-grams in weight, The unadvertised advantage of this charging mat is that it uses the Qi wireless charging protocol, which is as close to industry standard as we have at this time, so it should be compatible with the new Nokias, Nexus and some older BlackBerry phones, too..

Wireless charging is the hot-button topic in phones right now, and Aussie accessory store Droidax is jumping on board with a charging pad for the Samsung Galaxy S3. We've been talking about wireless charging a lot lately, with Nokia set to sell wireless charging pads for the Lumia 920 and Google listing wireless charging as a feature for its new Nexus 4. Aussie accessory company Droidax today announced its own wireless charging accessory for the Galaxy S3. Comprised of a charging mat and a battery cover with the necessary components, Droidax will be selling its latest line for AU$79.95, or for half as much as Samsung's own wireless charging dock.

At the current rate of growth (taking Schmidt's word for it, of course), Android will reach a billion activations before its sixth birthday next year, That's a few years less than it took Facebook to reach a billion active users, which is pretty impressive considering that all Facebook accounts are free to set up, but few Android devices come without a price or iphone case and screen protector carrier contract, Speaking of Android devices, the most recent data I've seen puts the total number of unique Android interfaces in the wild at around 4,000, and that was in May, That figure counts custom ROMs, however, so surely there aren't that many pieces of different hardware out there, Our U.K, boys again reported on data earlier this year that put the number of unique Android devices at at least 600..

Then, of course, there are the different flavors of Android. The first two versions, 1.0 and 1.1, didn't get the cute dessert names. That started with 1.5, better known as Cupcake. Most people wouldn't get familiar with the OS until version 2.1 Eclair, however, which is still on 3.1 percent of devices today. That was followed by Froyo, which can still be found on 12 percent of Android systems, according to Google. But chances are that if you've got an Android phone or tablet today, it's running version 2.3 Gingerbread like almost 54 percent of Android devices. That's followed by the 25.8 percent running Ice Cream Sandwich, which was slow to roll out to many devices, and has now lost its luster due to the unveiling of Jelly Bean this summer -- it's on 2.7 percent of devices.