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iphone 1 cases amazon

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iphone 1 cases amazon

The Rugby Pro works underwater as advertised, and with its thick seams and ridged sides, it certainly looks like it can take a pounding. At least at first. There's a hard, ridged material that rings the phone. While I appreciate the grippable nature, I'm disappointed that the material doesn't seem thicker, more cushioned, or especially rubbery. I have after-market cases that offer better bounce-back when you drop them. Why isn't the screen more recessed to protect it? Why isn't the back cover also encased in something more rubbery? Its finely textured plastic panel feels a little slippery on its own. Thankfully, the phone's square spines help keep it clenched in your hand. I like the height and width of the power, volume, and convenience buttons on the Rugby Pro's spines, and the flap covering the 3.5mm headset jack was so securely in place, I nearly ripped off a fingernail prying it open. Below the display are three physical buttons to control the menu, home, and back. They weren't too stiff, and in my tests, they pressed down just fine while wearing gloves.

The screw keeping the back cover in place is a classic step to seal the phone, but unscrews with a coin (Samsung specifically warns against using your nail, but I had no problem), The SIM and microSD slots are underneath, Now here's the big "but": when I purposely threw the Pro on its back from about 3.5 feet, the part of the back panel that wasn't screwed on popped off, The Rugby Pro never revealed its innards any other time I dropped it from that height without extra force, One benefit to a much more flush casing around the screen is that the 4-inch display is much easier to access and doesn't seem encroached, The Super AMOLED material and 800x480-pixel (WVGA) resolution keep text and lines looking sharp, colorful, and smooth, Blacks look deep and rich, and in typical Samsung fashion, the default settings overload certain colors, like green, This help gives images depth and richness, but it can look a little overdone on your own iphone 1 cases amazon photos, when the overabundance of color becomes obvious..

OS and featuresThe Rugby Pro runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung's custom TouchWiz layer on top delivers software extras, like a customizable lock screen and one-touch access to system controls from the notifications menu. There's access to the full suite of Google services, including signing in to multiple accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft Exchange in addition to your Gmail and other e-mail profiles. There are your usual favorites: maps with turn-by-turn navigation, YouTube, and search apps for people and places, too. The phone supports VPN, portable hot spots, Kies for Wi-Fi sharing with other Samsung products, and DLNA. There's also Bluetooth 4.0.

In the settings, you'll be able to program the convenience key to open any app, like navigation or the camera (hallelujah), NFC means you can happily share photos and URLs through S Beam, Samsung also offers motion controls, but only two -- shake to update, and flip to mute or pause -- versus the 11 in Samsung's Galaxy Note 2, I find flip-to-mute really useful, A whole lot of preloaded apps come on the Rugby Pro, as they do on every smartphone with a major carrier, There are a few Samsung apps, and many more AT&T apps for managing your account and tapping into the carrier's extra services (like U-Verse live TV.) In addition, Qik Lite is installed for you to start in on voice chats, Standard apps include the calendar, clock, calculator, and music player, The Google Play store is your go-to for downloading free and premium apps and other content like TV shows, movies, iphone 1 cases amazon and music..

One interesting addition is AT&T's browser bar, a shortcut strip you can call up or hide on the bottom of the screen. If you find yourself wanting to share a story, signing in to one of these services just once lets you share the story on Facebook or Twitter, send the link over e-mail, and even simply "Like" the page on Facebook. You can also browse for news by category: popular stories, sports, news, and so on. The Browser Bar is customizable as well, and easy to disable from the bar's settings.