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gravity iphone case

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gravity iphone case

gravity iphone case

Multi-tasking has been greatly improved in version 8. Pressing and holding on the back key will bring up thumbnails of your recent apps. Apps are paused when you leave them, so they won't need to boot from scratch when you venture back and some apps -- such as the music player or navigation tools -- can continue to run in the background. Voice interaction has been built in too. Press and hold the home button and you can then speak commands: "Text Luke Westaway." I found it was able to understand me and find the right contact nearly every time. You can then dictate a message and say "send" to send it on its way. It's pretty good at recognising sentence structure, although its grammar wasn't always perfect and didn't capitalise the 'I' in 'I'm'.

Say "Note" before you begin speaking and you can dictate a note that will be automatically pasted into the One Note app, It's a very handy way of saving a quick memo or reminder to yourself without having to open individual apps and type it out on the keyboard, Annoyingly, although it was able to hear my words well, it automatically starred out any gravity iphone case bad language, and there didn't seem to be a way to turn that off, I don't really like Microsoft attempting to teach me a lesson about naughty words -- my mum does a pretty good job of that already..

Typing on the screen is a hit and miss affair. The keyboard is very similar to the one you'd find on the iPhone. You only see letters normally, so you need to hit a button to reveal numbers and punctuation marks. It has predictive abilities and is able to suggest words as you're typing. While I found the words it suggested were accurate, there was a delay in suggesting them, so my typing the word was quicker than pausing to see the options, more often than not. It's clever though, and can learn sentences you use most often, meaning you only need to type a couple of words for it suggest the next words in the chain. It'll also learn made-up words -- I found a few uses of "amazeballs" was enough to bring the word up as a suggestion when I started typing "ama" the next time. It's very similar to Android's SwiftType, but I find SwiftType is able to offer suggestions faster and is much more accurate with correcting my spelling.

Unlike Android, you aren't able to download different keyboards to use in its place, If you take your time over what you're trying to write it's perfectly usable but if, like me, you tend to bash out speedy sentences in a hurry and hit send without checking them over, expect to receive some harsh words in return gravity iphone case about your erratic spelling and feeble grammar, A nifty feature new for Windows Phone 8 is Kid's Corner, This app allows you to create a duplicate of your homescreen, but showing different apps, music and videos, The idea behind it is you can select child-friendly apps and music provided by that terrifying adorable purple dinosaur..

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, speaking during an event today, said Verizon will be offering the Nokia Lumia 822, and that the 8X by HTC will ship by Thanksgiving. Verizon also will offer the Samsung ATIV Odyssey in December. The 8X will retail at $199 for 16 GB, while the Lumia 822 will sell for $99. Meanwhile, AT&T will be selling the Lumia 820, Lumia 920, and Windows Phone 8X, while T-Mobile will offer the Lumia 810 and HTC 8X. All devices will be available in November. Microsoft is counting on the latest version of its mobile operating system to help it better compete with Google's Android software and Apple's iOS. The latter two systems largely dominate the mobile market; Windows Phone has been vying with BlackBerry to be a distant third.