Armor [7]: A Bold Minimal Abstract Mixed Media Piece In Gold, Black And White Iphone Case

armor [7]: a bold minimal abstract mixed media piece in gold, black and white iphone case

SKU: EN-G10371

armor [7]: a bold minimal abstract mixed media piece in gold, black and white iphone case

armor [7]: a bold minimal abstract mixed media piece in gold, black and white iphone case

7:52 a.m. PT, San Francisco store: There are 86 people now in line. Nearly everyone in line we talked to said they were getting the Mini vs. the larger model. Jose Narin from New York is actually stuck here because of Hurricane Sandy. His flight was supposed to go out earlier, but got delayed. He decided to make the best of it by waiting here in line instead of at the airport. Once again, there are far few companies here hawking goods and services than in previous launches. Though DoDo Case is here. It's an accessory maker that is handing out 15 percent off coupons to people who want to buy one of their cases. One of its employees came here after visiting Apple's two other San Francisco stores -- on Chestnut Street and in Stonestown Mall -- and finding that nobody was in line short of the company's co-founders at the Chestnut location.

7:30 a.m, PT, San Francisco store: Apple store employees have adjourned to the store's second level, and a loud cheer went up, There is a noticeable lack of other media around, The launches for the iPad and iPhone earlier this year garnered scores of cameras and other reporters, The line hasn't grown much in the time I've been here, It's around 60 armor [7]: a bold minimal abstract mixed media piece in gold, black and white iphone case people now, 7:27 a.m, PT, Palo Alto store: The first person in line here is Brad Peterson, who's been here since 2 a.m, He says he is buying two Minis, a black one and a white one, He has all other versions of iPads..

7:10 a.m. PT, San Francisco store: Greetings from Apple's flagship store in San Francisco. There are just over 50 people in line here this morning. The first two are a couple from Budapest who got here around 5 a.m. and are buying one Mini and one fourth-generation, full-sized iPad. They've been talking with Apple Store employees using Google's translate software on the iPhone. The line is almost entirely men. 10:10 a.m. ET, NY Fifth Avenue store: Gabe Friedman, who says he was eighth in line, was victorious in buying the 64GB model of the iPad Mini. A Queens resident, Friedman got in line at 10 p.m. yesterday, despite all of his friends and family thinking he was crazy. "I didn't want to wait two weeks" to buy it online, he says. "My relatives and friends thought I was stupid because of the hurricane, but I wanted the thrill and excitement." He adds that he owns all the previous iPads and many other Apple products, but this is the first time he has waited in line to buy an iDevice. "I can't wait to load this bad boy with music, video, and apps."10 a.m. ET, NY Fifth Avenue store: The store finally opens following a countdown from five and steady applause and cheers from Apple employees. The first bunch of people from the iPad Mini line are escorted in, as are the first ten or so people from the Genius/iPhone purchase line. The temp outside is still pretty brisk, and it's likely a big relief for people to get inside. The first iPad customers exit the store five minutes after going in. Andrew Li, the first person in line, says he was able to buy exactly what he wanted -- the 16 GB iPad Mini.

9:50 a.m, ET, NY Fifth Avenue store: Apple has a second line for people needing help from the Genius Bar, Employees are walking around the line, helping "triage" the problems, The store will open at noon for Genius Bar appointments, Some in the line, like Nick Searle from the U.K., are waiting to buy iPhones, He's waiting for the 4S and was told he'd be let in the store at 10 a.m, 9:45 a.m, ET, NY Fifth Avenue store: The store is about to open armor [7]: a bold minimal abstract mixed media piece in gold, black and white iphone case and not soon enough for many people, The store, busy on a normal day, has seen its fair share of New Yorkers displaced by Hurricane Sandy, Many have come to charge their gadgets and check the Internet while their homes are without power, Apple shut the store ahead of the launch, though, Anyone wanting to get back in or buy another product has to wait in the long iPad Mini line that stretches around the block, though Apple had told some people wanting to buy phones to wait in a tech support line, They say there will soon be a separate line for people wanting to buy other products or just go in the store, Cheers are starting from inside the store, opening at 10 a.m..

9:40 a.m. ET, Washington, D.C., Georgetown store: Two years almost to the day, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg madenews by commenting that the iPad was not a true portable device and alot of people buying the iPad Mini seemed to agree with him. Tiffany Norwood, who operates Next Generation Broadband (whichproduces a collection of broadband apps) walked out of the Apple store and told reporters that she has owned an iPad 1 and iPad 3 and what attracted her most to the Mini was its smaller size. That's exactly why Gabriel Perez, 16, and his fatherNelson Perez, 50, took time out of their vacation to the U.S. capitolto buy a Mini. But what about that price point? The Wi-Fi only versionof the device starts at $329 and for the 32 GB model will set you back$529 and that's been one of the big knocks of the smaller iPad.