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a picture of ballet shoes

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a picture of ballet shoes

It was a very big impact: Over his tenure, Hero increased the portfolio of the Community Foundation from less than $10 million to $1.4 billion. He created a template of giving for donors, offering them what was essentially a “portfolio” of causes to select from. Breaking precedent for corporate philanthropy, he encouraged entrepreneur Jeff Skoll in seeding the original eBay Foundation with pre-IPO stock. He worked with Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen to set up the Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund, known as SV2, which links Silicon Valley talent with nonprofits throughout the valley.

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I am very pleased to see that the bouquet toss is omitted at many weddings these days, Although movies and TV shows depict eager young women joyously jostling to catch the bouquet, I’ve seldom seen that in real a picture of ballet shoes life, In fact, unmarried women often must be coaxed to sheepishly participate in the ritual, I’m a 57-year-old widow of two years, At one wedding, a bridesmaid had the effrontery to try to recruit me to join the bouquet-catching crowd, I said “no” and she said they really needed more people and called another bridesmaid to help physically pull me onto the dance floor..

The sculptures originally were kept on the site of what is now the Tech Museum of Innovation. In 1982, the Giselle statue vanished for the first time, only to reappear two weeks later. Beginning around 1985, both pieces were mounted in the courtyard of the Montgomery Theater. But the statue fell over about a year ago, and the city decided to rethink its location. The piece was stored in the basement of the San Jose Civic Auditorium, where a few weeks ago it was discovered missing. Pagkas would not say how his client ended up with it, only that newspaper accounts prompted its return.

Jewish Film Festival Anniversary: The Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival kicks off its 20th anniversary year with a preview screening of The Way Back, an epic story of a group of prisoners who escape a Soviet gulag in 1940, The film’s director, Peter Weir, a six-time Academy Award nominee, will take part in a Q&A session following the film, Jan, 19, 7:30 p.m, $18, Camera 12, 201 S, Second St., San Jose, www.svjff.org, My Fair Lady: As part of its Broadway in Concert series, Symphony Silicon Valley presents a concert version of the beloved Lerner and Loewe musical, Featuring a picture of ballet shoes Broadway stars Sarah Uriarte Berry and Paul Schoeffler, Jan, 22, 8 p.m, and Jan, 23, 2:30 p.m, $39-$75, California Theatre, 345 S, First St., San Jose, 408.286.2600 or www.symphonysiliconvalley.org..

San Mateo County History Museum. Tom Chapman, “From Professional Jockey to Full Time Artist,” 1 p.m. Jan. 24. California State Park Interpreter Mike Merritt, on the history of Año Nuevo Island and its lighthouse, 1 p.m. Feb. 7. San Mateo County History Museum, 2200 Broadway St., Redwood City. www.historysmc.org or 650-299-0104. Dragon Theatre 2nd Stage. “The Libation Bearers.” Jan. 16 through Feb. 1. By Aeschylus. Produced and directed by Tunuviel Luv. Dragon Theatre, 2120 Broadway St., intersection of Broadway and Theatre Way, Redwood City. $22. $10 rush tickets on Thursdays and Fridays starting second week. Pay what you will previewn Jan. 15. $125 for the VIP box (seats 4 people and includes champagne and chocolates). http://dragonproductions.net/.